Why is Green Space Important?

American society has forgotten how important nature is in our everyday environment. Many in Generation X and Y have forgotten that plants are important for human health and consciousness including physiological, mental and psychological benefits.

Benefits of Green Space/Plants in an Office Environment found in studies include

  • Improved Brain Performance, a study showed 12% increase in response time in college computer lab(Lohr)
  • Improved Employee Morale, Reduced Illness, Lower Levels of Tension and Anxiety(Lohr)
  • Evoking Positive Emotions and Cognitive Function(Ulrich)

By purchasing an Artful Planter, you are not only going to improve the environment and performance of your office or living space, you’re improving the environment of the world!


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Why We Do What We Do

At Artful Planters, We believe strongly in the rejuvenation and creation of GREEN SPACE in downtown Los Angeles. Due to urban development and inconvenience, urban green space has been decimated. By buying through Artful Planters, you will support teaching gardens and nonprofits teaching children about the importance of green space and proper nutrition.

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