What is Upcycled?

What is Upcycling?

In the last twenty years or so, America has been focused on the trend of recycling. In schools children are taught the 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We have done a great job with teaching recycling and reducing including recycling bins, implementing tiered utility bills to encourage conservation and even creating legislation around water use such as banning washing your own car in LA. The hardest one, reusing is the most difficult to teach and requires the most effort. The truth is in a consumerist society, corporations don’t want us to reuse, one of biggest examples is one time use water bottle.

To put it into perspective:

Every second Americans consume 1500 water bottles, totaling over 50 billion bottles annually!

Artful Planters proposes an alternative solution, instead of recycling and breaking down the pallet wood into mulch and wood chips, upcycle by reusing and repurposing the product into a sustainable planter.

Not only do we upcycle the wood from pallets, but the landscaping paper we use to line our planters is actually made of recycled water bottles as well.


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Why We Do What We Do

At Artful Planters, We believe strongly in the rejuvenation and creation of GREEN SPACE in downtown Los Angeles. Due to urban development and inconvenience, urban green space has been decimated. By buying through Artful Planters, you will support teaching gardens and nonprofits teaching children about the importance of green space and proper nutrition.

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