Plant of the Day (POD) : Tiger Eye Gold Rudbeckia

Plant of the Day : Tiger Eye Gold Rudbeckia

Tiger Eye Gold Black Eye Susan RudbeckiaNon stop blooms with bright orange leaves and a curious large black eye, Tiger Eye Gold Black Eyed Susan Rudbeckia’s are beautiful perennials. Attracting bumblebees, butterflies and birds, Tiger Eye attracts a variety of wildlife into your garden for a truly natural landscape.


Tiger Eye Gold Rudbeckia prefers full sun in well drained soil, though the plant is easy going and will tolerate part shade and dry soil.  To maximize quality and quantity of blooms, deadhead, removing spent flowers right below the flower stem. When watering, make sure to check the soil, 2″ below the surface, if it is dry, water. Water at the base of the plant, keep the plant and foliage as dry as possible. Lastly, to prevent spread of disease and fungus, space the Tiger Eye Gold at least 7-12″ apart to provide optimal airflow.

Cool Fact: Tiger Eye Gold Rudbeckia won the 2009 American Garden Award, voted on by visitors to seven prestigious public gardens throughout the US!


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