Are Fresh Cut Flowers at Events Sustainable?

At every event you go to from a Birthday celebration, to a fancy gala, to a baby shower or a wedding, fresh cut flowers are present to provide color and beauty. From tulips to roses to lillies to marigolds, flowers are simply classic and beautiful. However, we don’t think about where the flowers come from. As consumers continue to demand lower prices in a competitive market, local flower suppliers and flower shops have shuttered their doors in favor of online flowers to your door services like 1800flowers or The downside of tighter margins and the collapse of local flowers is that we now have to import flowers from abroad such as Ecuador, Columbia and China.

History of Roses

Roses are a perennial flower family, with over 100 different varieties of flowers indigenous to Africa, Asia, North America and Europe. Most roses are indigenous to China and vary in shape and sizes. Roses are typically grown for their scent and beauty but are actually very multipurpose flowers. Roses can be eaten as a flavoring leaf, made into marmalade and jams or even used to brew teas and syrups.

Roses at your store

Roses on your desk from your valentine or from graduation or just because are beautiful but a very carbon intensive product. The carbon footprint of roses includes petroleum heavy pesticides, energy for irrigation, refrigeration during transport and storage in the retail setting and transport(air freight and car delivery

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