Plant of the Day(P.O.D.) Basil

Plant of the Day(P.O.D.) Basil

Sweet Basil

Basil is an edible annual with a large variety of plants. Some of the more common basil types are Sweet Basil, Genovese Basil, Thai Basil and Greek Basil.

Sweet is traditional used in tomato sauce, salads and pesto!

Genovese  is a tender and very fragrant leaf commonly used to make pesto.

Thai is intensely flavored with tender leaves, perfect complementary spice for Italian and Asian dishes.

Greek is a bit misleading, a native plant of Southeast Asia it was brought to Europe in the Middle Ages,Greek Basil is  great in tomatoes, salads and sauces.


Basil needs direct sunlight, preferably for 6-8 hours daily. It is difficult to over water basil, but very important to keep the plant hydrated. To check the moisture reach about 1- 1 1/2 inches into the soil. If it is dry, water. To water without stressing the plant, water at the base of the plant avoiding the stem and leaves. You can use organic water soluble fertilizer or use compost when planting to promote strong and consistent growth and production. To create a bushy, hardy plant pinch off the outer leaves to encourage the plant to bush up.


To harvest basil, do so once the plant has grown to 6-8 inches. You should cut right above a set of leaves to promote the growth of those leaves into new stems. If the plant begins to flower, prune back the flowers to encourage optimal growth and production. Otherwise the plant will slow down and continue to focus its energy on producing flowers. To dry the basil for use, simply place the basil in a bag, seal and place into the refrigerator. After a few days the basil will be dry enough for use or simply place into an air tight container for later use!


A really easy way to start new basil plants is to start with cuttings. Simply cut a 6″ branch from the plant and put in a room temperature glass bottle. Remove all the leaves beyond the top 3 layers of leaves. After a few weeks once roots have formed, plant the cutting into a pot or bed and you will have a full basil plant in just a few weeks!




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