Plant of the Day(POD) – Sage

Plant of the Day: Sage

Common Sage









Sage is a boring looking grey perennial that packs a punch when used to flavor your favorite meat and cheese dishes. Additionally Sage has been used for a variety of purposes throughout history, including indicator of wealth, hair dye, breath freshener and to ward off and heal infections.

Growing Sage:

Sage prefers full sun and well drained soil like other herbs. The plant is susceptible to root rot so be careful to not overwater and to use well draining soil. Sage can be grown from seed or from cuttings. Cuttings will grow faster and produce more plentifully while seedlings may be more fulfilling and involved.

To grow from seeds, plant the seeds in late spring and water well. Keep the soil moist until germination when seedlings sprout.

To grow from cuttings, cut a stem at least 6″ long. Trim off the bottom leaves carefully and place the stem in a glass container, preferably a mason jar and in the sun, a window sill works perfect! In a few weeks time, check back on your stem for roots. If roots have grown, you can then plant the cutting into soil mixed with a bit of compost or organic fertilizer for an optimal start.


To harvest, do so on a dry day before noon after the dew has dried. Harvest the leaves young and tender for optimal flavor and quality.

How to Use  Medicinally and in the Kitchen:


Sage is commonly infused or made into tea to fight infection and inflammation of the throat, tonsils and mouth. Sage oil is known to soothe mucous membranes while gargling an infusion fights mouth infections and inflammation.


Sage is a very powerful herb and should be used sparingly for greatest effect. Dried sage is much more flavorful than fresh sage so adjust accordingly. 1/2 cup of fresh leaves is the same as 1/2 oz of dried leaves. 1 tbsp of fresh is 1 tsp of dried sage. Sage is perfect for flavoring fatty meats such as duck, goose, lamb and sausage and also aids in digestion. Some flavors that complement sage well include garlic, oregano, onion, thyme, and rosemary!






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