Plant of the Day(POD) – Petunias

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Today’s plant of the day is one of the first annuals we started with here at Artful Planters, the beautiful Petunia!


Petunias are one of the most common bedding annuals around. Bright trumpet shaped blossoms create a splash of color anywhere you need it, whether in a bed or a planter. Available in a plethora of colors, petunias bloom magnificently throughout the summer except in extreme heat. Native to Argentina, Petunias have been bred for a variety of design characteristics leading to single or double blooms, ruffled or smooth edges, veined or striped and even scented varieties.


Planting Petunias from seed is easy, the seeds require direct light to germinate so simply sprinkle them on top of the soil and water before placing the plant in a warm place . A common place to germinate petunias is on top of the refrigerator. You should begin the germination process about 12 weeks before planting. Once the seeds have germinated, you should relocate the seedlings to a cooler place, for further growth and maturation.

Petunias don’t tolerate frost, so plant after the threat of frost has retreated. Before planting prune back the plant to stimulate further growth and branching. When deciding how much to prune, look at the size of the plant, if it is stocky, prune back between 1/2″ and 1″, if it is lanky don’t be afraid to prune as much as half the total length.


Petunias are fairly easy going plants. To stimulate further blooms and growth, deadhead the blooms as soon as they are dead. Also be careful with watering, Petunias don’t like dry soil, but they hate wet soil even more. Be careful with the watering or you may stimulate too much foliage growth without blooms. In regards to pest, Aphids could be a problem, but simply remove them with water or spray with a mix of water and garlic, 1 part garlic, 19 parts water.


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