Plant of the Day(POD) – Greek Oregano

Plant of the Day – Greek Oregano









Greek Oregano is a perennial herb, integral to Italian cooking including some of our favorites like tomato sauce, pasta and pizza.


From seed, you should start the seedlings three weeks into Spring, after threat of frost has passed. Space the Greek Oregano plant about a foot apart because the plant at full size will be a 12 inches tall and 18 inches wide. The size will depend on how often and how vigorously you harvest. When planting cover with a thin layer of soil because oregano seeds require light to germinate properly. After a few years, the oregano will become woody in appearance and taste, you will then need to replant.

When watering, do so as minimally as possible to preserve the flavor and health of the Greek Oregano. Also, trim back the leaves once they start sprawling, to prevent woody growth and flavors. Lastly, if the plant begins to blossom pinch back the flowers immediately to maintain strong and consistent flavor.

Greek Oregano is very adaptable and grows great in containers. To maintain a healthy plant, harvest and trim down the center stem to stunt the plants vertical growth.


To harvest oregano, simply trim the branch and pick off the leaves. Branches are too woody for consumption, so just use the leaves. You should wait until the plant is 5″ in height and width before beginning consumption. The season for harvest is throug the summer, with the peak of flavor and growth in late July, ending with flowering. If you want to preserve further growth while sacrificing some flavor, you can pinch back the flowers and get a few weeks to month of further growth.

After harvest, you can preserve the greek oregano by storing it in the refrigerator in a plastic bag wrapped in a paper towel. You can also dry the oregano for a stronger flavor and for long term preservation.





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