Plant of the Day (POD): Vinca

Plant of the Day(POD): Vinca

Easy going, simple flowers in purple and white, Vinca Annuals or Periwinkle bring a classic beauty to your garden. Easy to maintain and cultivate, Vinca has beautiful flowers a glossy folliage.


To grow Vinca from seed, you should use a seedling tray and a soil  less medium about 10 weeks before last frost. Fill the tray with the medium and water thoroughly, then wait 30 minutes for the water to soak and drain. After draining, seed the soil, take care to press the seeds into the soil for better contact. Next, cover with 1/4″ of soil for optimal germination. Lastly, cover the tray with a plastic bag to shield light and place in a room temperature area, 78 degrees. After two weeks you should check for seedlings and remove the cover if all trays have germinated. Relocate the planter to a full sun area, you will need to retransplant after the seedings have read 2-3″ in size into larger pots.


Vinca is a incredible heat and drought tolerant annual. Simple to grow, you should water only in long droughts and fertilize once a month with water soluble organic fertilizer. Vinca prefer average soil and to maximize moisture retention you should add a ring of mulch around the base of the plant to retain moisture. You will need to water more in the first planting season because it is still developing roots. Once mature, Vinca is extremely drought and heat tolerant with no maintenance required. At the end of the season, Vinca will often reseed itself for the next spring growing season.


Vinca has been use in medicine for centuries. Vinca could be used to lower sugar levels for diabetic patients, lower high blood pressure, treat lung and eye infections and treat coughs, colds and sore throats.

Cool Fact: Vinca is very fast growing and in parts of the country can be seen as an invasive herb!



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