Plant of the Day (POD) – Blue Rosemary

Plant of the Day- Blue Rosemary

Blue Rosemary









Rosemary is one of the oldest and traditional herb, that grows into a shrub. Native to Western Europe, specifically the Mediterranean and the South of France, Rosemary is incredibly drought tolerant and great for xeriscaping.

Growth: Rosemary can grow up to six feet in height, but can easily be grown in containers effectively. Naturally rosemary grows in a drape like manner, to create a shrubbier shape pinch or prune the tips of the plant.

Maintenance: Rosemary is susceptible to root rot, so be careful to use well draining soil for optimal growth and health of the plant. Once a month do a thorough soaking to encourage deep root growth. Also, Rosemary is a perennial and needs to be pruned back regularly to encourage new growth.

Cooking: Rosemary has been used extensively in the culinary arts. Perfect for meat, soups, stews or vegetables. To use the herb simply pull off the leaves from the branch. Alternatively you can also use the whole branch for stuffing chickens, turkeys or duck. Lastly, a tasty simple Rosemary Recipe is to layer the leaves onto pieces of bread and heating the bread in a toaster oven. The heat will draw the oils from the leaves, creating a delicious afternoon snack!

Cool Fact: Rosemary Flowers are edible and pack quite a flavorful punch. More flavor than the leaves, trim the flower, wash away any debris or dirt. Dunk in ice water to perk up the leaves and add to your favorite salad or sandwich for a new flavor!



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