Plant of the Day(POD): Impatiens

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Today’s Plant of the Day is Impatiens



Impatiens are full of color and brighten up any shady or dark spaces in your garden. Naturally, Impatiens prefer deep to light shade but can be acclimated to full sun.


Upon purchasing impatiens, keep the plant as well watered as possible before planting to preserve the strength of the plant. Lack of water will cause the plant to wilt and stunt growth. Impatiens can be used as border, cover and container plants. If you plan on using the plant in full sun areas, be sure to acclimate the plant by exposing the plant to larger doses of sun, daily for up to a week before planting into the ground. You can begin planting once the weather warms in well drained soil with compost and manure in a well shaded area preferably. When planting carefully invert the container and remove the plant from the container, remember to spread the roots out and trim any excessive roots. Plant in a hole that is as deep and wide as the rootball(the packed area of roots).



In areas of 85°+, you should water daily up to twice a day, with up to 4 inches a week. Additionally to optimize growth you should fertilize every two weeks with a organic water soluble fertilizer. Unlike other annuals, you don’t need to worry about deadheading, Impatiens will take care of themselves and bloom throughout the spring and summer. Lastly, as impatiens grow you can trim off the top third of the plant during the middle of summer to create a more manicured look. This will also foster further blooms and prevent too much growth and lankiness.

Unique Fact:

You can plant them extremely close to each other and the closer you plant them the faster they will bunch up to create a beautiful bunch of impatiens.

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