Plant of the Day(POD): Gazania

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Today’s Plant of the Day is Gazanias

Gazanias are native to South Africa, a hardy perennial with bright yellows, reds, pink and oranges flowers similar to daisies. The flowers will open and close with sunrise and sunset, while growing best in well drained and full sun locations. Gazanias make a great cut flower as well, cut as soon as bloom is fully developed. The flowers will attract bees, butterflies and birds to your garden with its bright colors, adding more scenery to your yard!


Gazanias prefer hot, dry, and sunny weather and well draining soil. In zone 9 and 10 climates such as the southwest, Gazanias will grow and develop with a lifespan of two to three years. Blooming season is about ten weeks long and will do well outside from spring to fall. During fall and winter you can bring indoors for use as a houseplant in the windows.


Gazanias should be deadheaded to optimize blooms and growth. During the spring, apply about 3 inches of compost at the base of the plant, with a ring of mulch to foster future growth. If needed, once a month, you can also apply organic fertilize to the top of the soil directly or diluted in water, following the packaging directions. Lastly, at the beginning of spring, prune by the old stems using garden shears to encourage new growth and expansion.

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