Plant of the Day(P.O.D.): Daisy

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After a short hiatus, we’re back! Today, we had our succulent photoshoot which I’m really happy about, we definitely got good shots of succulents and I’m really happy to give you guys a visualization of what we have available locally for succulent gardens. Additionally, we have begun doing preliminary research and development on our next step in this business. You guys are definitely in for a surprise! Hopefully we’ll have it done by the end of the month, we’ll keep you guys updated.

Plant of the Day: Daisy

Daisy ‘s are actually two flowers, the center is a different flower and the outside petals are different flower. There is a large variety of daises and they come in a large variety of colors and tones. With blooms from June to September, Daisies are a true summer flower!

Growing Daisies: Daisies enjoy full sun, while as hard perennials they can grow for years and continue to blossom beautifully. For optimal growth add compost and manure before planting to provide for well drained rich soil. They should be watered regularly in warm weather or when dry. Lastly, supplement soil monthly to optimize growth in the long term.

Care: Daisies are disease and insect resistant. If infested, try a natural soap mixture of 1 part soap 20 parts water to remove insects from the plant.

To increase bloom size, fertilize just before blooming and protect the plant from cold with mulch during the Winter. Daisies tend to bunch up and grow quickly, thin them out and spread the other growths to help produce larger and fuller daises over time. Once bloomed, Daisies make a great cut flower for arrangements or enjoy the daisy in your garden. Just remember to deadhead to promote new growth!

Cool Fact: Daisy leaves are edible and can be used as a salad green!

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