Hello World, Welcome to Artful Planters!

Alex Duong, Co-Founder of Artful Planters

Alex Duong, Cofounder of Artful Planters

Hello Everyone,

It’s Alex, I’ll be blogging here about the progress of Artful Planters and my journey into social entrepreneurship. Yesterday, we got our ecommerce order processing setup properly, we’re using Stripe(www.stripe.com) and Mijireh to make sure your transactions are as smooth and secure as possible!

Additionally, in celebration of launching our ecommerce we’re currently offering 30% off to our first 10 orders!

Lastly, feel free to leave comments or just say Hi! I will be writing a daily blog post about a different plant we offer daily. Come back for new guides and information on starting plants, care and maintenance!


Co-Founder – Artful Planters


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Why We Do What We Do

At Artful Planters, We believe strongly in the rejuvenation and creation of GREEN SPACE in downtown Los Angeles. Due to urban development and inconvenience, urban green space has been decimated. By buying through Artful Planters, you will support teaching gardens and nonprofits teaching children about the importance of green space and proper nutrition.

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