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Today was a slower day, over the last week we’ve been really focused on developing a better user interface and user experience on our website. A lot of late nights and long days, as a result, I took a day off and relaxed. Congratulations to Spain on winning the Euro Cup, undoubtedly the greatest international team ever.

On another note, I did do some work today, put together one of our first Herbal Planters. Funny to think initially I didn’t think people wanted Herbal Planters, but over time due to customer demands we have created one!

This planter is dark stained, with Oregano, Genovese Basil, Mint, Cilantro, Parsley and Thyme, pictures will be up tomorrow.

Now for plant of the day: Arizona Sun Gaillardia


Red with Daisy Like Petals, Arizona Sun really does add some sunshine to your garden. A Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner, Arizona Sun has red petals with a yellow dip on the tips. Blooming throughout summer, they will attract butterflies with their color. Very hardy plant, perfect for zones 3-10. It is a perennial, simply cut down at the end of the summer along the side of the clump.

Growing Conditions:

Arizona Sun is a carefree plant. The flowers will bloom for weeks once its warm usually from May until October, only maintenance is cutting down the flowers at the end of the season. Cut down along the side of the clump. The optimal soil is poor loose  well drained oil with no clay. Space 12-15″ apart, the plants will grow to 12″ in height. All in all, Arizona Sun is the perfect carefree plant to add sunshine to your garden!


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