Plant of the Day: Angelonia

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We have made a few changes in the the website configuration to make it easier for customers to purchase our products. We have broken up our products page into 3 categories, Annual, Edibles and Succulents.

Additionally, we had a herb photoshoot today, some of the herbs we shot include Mint, Basil, Thyme, Oregano and Rosemary.  We have them in stock and we’re ready to build and put together your gardens as soon as you order em!

Here is a link to the photos: Herbs

Now for the educational part, the plant of the day is Angelonia



Angelonia has undergone significant development and nurture from the horticulture industry to create a hardier, more luscious plant. Angelonia emits a pleasant grape soda like scent with a long shelf life after cutting. Landscapers often use Angelonia to create color in borders and containers. Angelonia’s status as an annual depends on weather, in hardiness zones 9 and 10, it is a perennial in all cooler climates it is an annual. You can plant Angelonia once spring warms in well drained soil.

Growing conditions – Angelonia’s prefer lots of sun and warm temperatures. For optimal growing conditions water regularly, but don’t be afraid to underwater if you want to stunt growth. Angelonia prefers rich soil and fertilization monthly with water soluble solutions. When planting in containers such as our planters remember to not over water which leads to root rot.  To check for moisture, reach 2 inches into the soil and if it is dry, water. In colder climates, bring Angelonia into the home once the weather cools.



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