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European Shipping Pallet

European Shipping Pallet








After creating this website and browsing I realized I never explained why I chose pallets. I decided to write a page about it and you can read it here at

Pallets are an interesting choice for a medium because they are so widely available, cheap and well constructed. After all they are the backbone of the worlds shipping systems and carry and hold all our products. But some of the facts I found shocked me, 2 billion pallets in the United States alone? 40% of our hardwoods used for pallet construction? 1.7 uses on average and over 50% of pallets created as single use pallets? What? Who created this shipping system?

Some food for thought, what would we do without pallets and what are the alternatives?



Alyssum is easily grown outdoors or indoors after the last frost has left the area. You can directly seed into the ground or start indoors and transfer after the frost is gone.

Growing conditions:

Alyssum prefer full to partial sun in average soil and will easily tolerate dry soil. They need to be watered during the dry season, about once or twice a week. Don’t overwater, alyssum prefer drained soil. For optimal growth, add natural/organic fertilizer once a month, preferably water soluble. Alyssum will continue to produce sweet smelling flowers until late summer/early fall.


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